Enva Family Shield

While a lot of things in the world get better every year, some things are getting worse and more complex.

Fraud and cyber-crime increased 350% between 2013 and 2017 in the USA. The impact of financial fraud or identity theft can be devastating. 

The insidious nature of this type of crime often results in it being under reported as very few are willing to admit they have been scammed.

A scams can be more than just a promising fortune from a foreign prince it could be a "sounds to good to be true" investment in currencies or gold, a lucrative property transaction with "no risk" or a business venture with a promise to repay any money invested in 3 months. Sometimes these projects are legitimate but the risks greatly understated. 


The home budget has never been more complicated as companies move every conceivable product or service to a subscription fee. We recognize the irony here, our service is a monthly or annual fee as well but where once there was a single cable subscription there is now internet and 3-8 monthly streaming services and a stack of app purchases. It can quickly become difficult to manage. 

It's never been easier, or more confusing to find a second opinion or potential diagnosis  for illness on the internet. Your doctor is a highly educated and skilled individual but there is only so much they can know and identify. Many a person has languished for years with difficult to diagnose pain, illness or a lack of energy and it might just be that a second opinion from a specialist can help. But as most professions will tell you - Dr Google is often less than helpful and it's probably not lupus. 

So, we took to building a new service package for families combining our clever knack for navigating financial products with new health services that take advantage of our connected world. 

**Important ** Not every aspect of this service is currently up and running - until such time that it is, the service is free to our existing clients and not available for purchase. It's our intention that Family Shield will become part of all of our advice services and available separately to those who do not need an annual financial advice relationship. 


Fraud monitoring

Annual Budget Analysis

Medical Second Opinion

General Advice

Family Crisis Support

Free for existing advice clients*

* Must be paying an annual advice fee or own an insurance policy serviced by us as at 1 July 2020

What is Family Shield?


As an existing client of Enva this service is already yours.

Medical Second Opinion (An Australian First!) is available as of the 1st of July 2020.

If you have an insurance policy, a loan or annual advice service you have a Family Shield. 

* Must be paying an annual advice fee or own an insurance policy serviced by us as at 1 July 2020

Medical Second Opinion is a global service provided by Mediguide LLC and Mediguide Australia Pty Ltd. 

Client information is not provided to Mediguide unless they specifically request access to the service. 

Enva Australia Pty Ltd is the first customer of Mediguide Australia and we are not aware of any other similar service available directly by an advice firm. Similar services are embedded in life insurance contracts only.

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Fraud Monitoring

We monitor supported products (those that that can provide us with live data) for suspicious activity such as withdrawal requests, transfers for changes of address.

More than that, you can call or email our team to ask us to investigate a phone call or email - we will find out if it's real and if its not we will report it for you.

No need to risk your computer being infected, or losing sleep because maybe it really was the ATO. Just ask us and we'll check it out.  

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It's easy for expenses and subscriptions to get out of hand. 

As part of our service can review your transaction history across bank accounts, credit cards and investments just to let you know how much you are spending and where. 

It's easy to end up with small, forgotten transactions eating up your balance and a little bit of human help can go a long way. 

You can access this service once per year without any further charge.

 Budget Review

Doctor with Mammography

Medical Second Opinion

Getting a medical second opinion (MSO) can provide the clear answers you need to give you the peace of mind and confidence to make informed choices.

For instance, how do you know for sure if your diagnosis is correct?
Have you been made aware of all the treatment options available to you?
How do you know if all possible treatment options have been considered?
A MediGuide MSO could change your diagnosis, your treatment plan, and improve health outcomes. Based on the latest clinical research at world-leading medical centers on our global network, your case is reviewed
by some of the world’s top medical minds.

Comforting Hands

Family Crisis Support

Our team has years of experience in dealing with crisis - the death of a loved one, moving a family member in to care or sudden illness can make it hard to remember where important documents are stored. 

We can hold copies of your will, work with your accountants, lawyers and even government departments to help if you need it. 

We hope our clients never need this service but as a family shield member this assistance extends to parents and children of our clients.

Business Conference

General advice can not take into account your personal circumstances but it can still point you in the right direction. You can access general financial service or product advice from a qualified financial adviser. They can help you understand what contribution options are for superannuation, how aged care entitlements are calculated as well as many other areas. Think of them like your human search engine. 

General Advice