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Forms and Tools

The links below open client and adviser forms that can be signed electronically or printed. 

These tools are the intellectual property of Enva Australia and protected under Australian law by the terms of the Commonwealth Copyright Act of 1968. They are provided for use by representatives of Enva Australia Pty Ltd or clients who have engaged Enva Australia or its representatives for services. 


  • Adviser tools
    Letter of appointment and engagement This template generates an engagement form for clients that outlines the services and fees agreed to.
  • Client request forms
    Service request If you need to send a formal request please use this form. We will call, email or sms to confirm your instructions before taking action. Can we help? This short form can help you decide if a relationship with a qualified adviser is right for you.
  • Client consent forms
    FSG and record keeping consent form This form confirms that you have recieved a financial services guide, that you consent to us keeping records to assist you and records the areas of advice you would like us to consider. Annual service fee - client consent This form confirms your permission for us to contact you and to issue an invoice for the following years service. Wholesale or sophisticated investor verification form This form can be completed by your accountant to confirm your status as a wholesale or sophisticated investor. This form is not required for retail financial advice.
  • General advice - insurance forms
    Insurance instruction form This form confirms any product revenue we might recieve and records the clients intent to proceed with the instructions they have provided without advice. General advice insurance question set This dynamic form can be used by clients for general insurance advice. It will provide them with general information based on a range of circumstances and connects to our live quoting tool. Online live quotes This tool allows you to see the pricing and options avalible from different insurers.
  • Information Authorities
    Transfer of servicing rights form This form asks a product provider (such as an insurance company) to appoint Enva as your servicing advisor. This means we would have access to information on that product and may be able to complete transactions on your behalf. Authority to Collect information This form asks the product provider to provide us with information on your product but provides no other authority.
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